Linwood - Stetson Outdoor Hat


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Are you traveling and need a hat that stores well? The Stetson Linwood Crushable wool felt Outdoor hat is just what you need. The hat is made of 100 percent wool with an attractive decorative hatband. You can completely flatten this hat for travel and it will pop immediately back into place. The hat is extremely versatile, working well with almost every style. That loose, cotton mini-dress you found at the thrift shop? Works perfectly with this unique hat. A sport coat, khaki's and a dress shirt are a great accompaniment with this hat as you enter the office. Create a look that is unique just by adding this stunning hat!

  • 100% Wool
  • Crushable

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Technical Specs

  • Front Brim Size 3.125"
  • Side Brim Size 3.125"
  • Crown Size 4.25"
  • Material wool/felt
  • Style Western
  • Brand Stetson
  • Item Weight 0.3 lb

Linwood - Stetson Outdoor Hat