Oak Bolero - Natural Hand Woven Guatemalan Palm Hat


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The Oak Bolero Natural Hand-Woven Guatemalan Palm Hat is a fashionably modern twist on the classic boater hat style. The flat-top crown that measures in at approximately 4.5” tall at its highest point adheres to the traditional boater hat shape, while the wide 3.5” brim offers a layer of practicality by providing ample shade for the face and eyes on bright spring and summer days. The moisture-wicking sweatband lining the inner circumference of the hat serves to create a cool and dry experience for the wearer, making this stylish straw hat a must-have for when the temperatures start rising.

The Bolero has a certain dapperness to it that will help to dress up the most basic of summer attire. The Bolero is slightly more casual than a more classic boater hat, but still has just enough of that something extra to give any outfit an instant boost. Add an instant air of sophistication to your beach attire or give your casualwear a touch of tropical refinement when you pair this fine hat with your favorite button-down or summer dress. The opportunities for mixing, matching, and building excitingly fresh looks are truly limitless with the Bolero. Step into summer with a style that’s sure to strike up a conversation when you buy the Bolero today!

This item features a removable hatband. See our accessories page to view unique interchangeable hat bands.

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Technical Specs

  • Material Guatemalan Palm
  • Item Weight 1.0 lb

Oak Bolero - Natural Hand Woven Guatemalan Palm Hat