Every Man Should Have a Great Dress Hat

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Fedora, bowler, top hat or pork pie - a great dress hat not only bespeaks the fashion sense of a man but sets the tone for everything else worn with it as well. More than just accessories, men's formal hats are as key to the overall look as the clothing paired with it. Actually, the mere fact that a man opts to wear a dress hat puts him at an advantage, clearly demonstrating his understanding of the importance of selecting the right items to define his look. Men's dress hats do exactly that.

It's the uncanny way that dress hats have of transforming a look that makes all the difference. Sure, a well-cut suit or tailored tuxedo can be a work of art in itself. After all, wearing designs styled specifically to the contours of an individual man's body automatically makes a debonair fashion statement. However, it's the addition of a formal hat that sets the overall look a cut above all others, adding a certain cachet to it.

Equally important, the opportunities for wearing men's formal hats abound. That's why every man should have a great dress hat that enables him to look well turned out on a moment's notice. From day-to-day business activities to going out on dates in the evening, as well as weekend occasions that call for formal attire, the venues where a man would wear a dress hat are more plentiful than most men might initially think. Consider these examples.

During the Business Day

Man in Business Suit with Dress Hat

For the man whose daily business garb includes a suit and tie, coordinating the two items along with an appropriate shirt may well seem to be the extent of his sartorial needs. Yet ponder for a moment the impact a dress hat might have. Yes, for skeptics wondering whether a hat is suitable for work, a hat is an ideal accent throughout the business day.

On a job interview, for instance, fedoras, with their creased crown and wider brim, are not only a flattering look but one that carries with it iconic figures of both a gentleman and a businessman - images with which a potential employee would do well to be associated. Likewise, although business etiquette requires a man to doff his hat indoors, arriving at business meetings wearing a dress hat, from fedoras to bowler hats, certainly strikes an impressive note.

On a Date

Man on a Date in Dress Hat

Since life is not all business, dates offer a prime opportunity for formal hats, too. Of course, not just any date fits the bill; these are dates in the elegant surroundings of fine dining. In such cases, a suit and tie or a dinner jacket paired with trousers are just the beginning. A dress hat is the fashion feature that makes the man a standout.

Once again, despite the fact that hat etiquette on a date requires a gentleman to remove his hat at the dinner table, first impressions are lasting, as the saying goes. Moreover, it's a suave first impression that women find memorable in the best way when men arrive in formal hats such as pork pie hats, for example, a version of the fedora with a lower, flatter crown.

Special Occasions

Hats for Special Occasions

Those special events when everyone steps out attired in his or her finest are when the total look seems somehow incomplete without a formal hat. From opulent church weddings where many men don top hats to grand events at country clubs, where hats for the club are expected, wearing a dress hat finishes the total look, creating a refined appearance.

With all of these occasions for wearing a formal hat, as well as the benefits that accrue from wearing one, there's no doubt that every man should have a great dress hat.

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