Capelli Hats

Capelli Hats
Capelli hats offer a unique blend of style, sophistication and functionality that's perfect for summer. Capelli's designer straw hats bring chic style and versatility to a functional hat that's comfortable and performs well whatever you do. Easy to pair with a summer outfit and a pleasure to wear. From gardening to tennis to a day at the beach, , Capelli's straw hats are the perfect fit. It's a style that works in any setting. From breezy outdoor cafes, to seasonal restaurants and outdoor events, these fine, dressy straw hats are the one thing you need to complete your wardrobe this summer.

At once sophisticated yet charmingly uncomplicated, straw sun hats are summer fashion staples for women. Shading both the eyes and the face from the intense heat and potential damage of the sun, they provide their own level of coolness on a hot summer afternoon. Yet, their abilities extend far beyond these most utilitarian purposes.

For fashionistas, hat design carries importance equal to its serviceability. Indeed, even for women less enthralled by fashion trends, the style counts. Not just any hat will do. Encompassing both the use of the hat as well as the venue at which it might be worn, Capelli Straworld Hats offer the chic versatility that makes them an apt pairing with summer apparel. From gardening and golf to garden parties and outdoor cafes, among other endeavors and events, these straw hats bring a little extra to the ensemble.

A Bit of Sparkle

A deceptively simple sun hat, a visor is intended merely to shield the eyes from the rays of the sun. Whether worn while playing a sport such as golf or when walking about town, Capelli hats offer protection that is stylish and in vogue. However, function takes on an entirely different form with the addition of a little sparkle as in the Capelli Paper Braid Sparkle Visor Hat. Sprinkled with glittery embellishments, coupled with a beguiling braided edge, it's the kind of visor that makes for a captivating entrance when partnered with a little black dress for an evening event al fresco.

Capelli Hats are a Casual Chic

Sure, a baseball cap may prove to be matchless for working or playing outdoors. Yet, slightly redesigned, that same style can be elevated into a new creation worthy of sightseeing, concerts in the park or just looking sensational while running errands. The Capelli Paper Braid Facesaver Wide Brim hat is such a creation. Designed in the classic shape of a baseball cap but with a considerably wider brim, Capelli's straw version has chic casual style commensurate with any sundress or shorts and top a woman might wear.

Soigne style

Calling for virtuosic style, some festive summer events surpass casual yet are not quite formal. For such occasions, a wide-brim straw sun hat always makes a grand statement. Creating enigmatic beauty as its shadows play across the face, a hat like the larger version of the Capelli Paper Braid Facesaver Wide Brim hat frames a woman's face. Whether at garden weddings, sidewalk cafes, terrace parties or even an early soiree, this is soigne style at its best.

If you are going to buy a straw hat this summer, choose Capelli hats to provide designer style and function.


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