Christys Of London Hats

Christys Of London Hats

A little luxury is a wonderful element. Adding a dash of refinement, a splash of opulence, even a sprinkle of gentility, a single luxurious piece can be as much a sensory delight as it is a fashion statement. Nowhere is this more evident than in the poshness of a dress hat. As the finishing touch on fine apparel, dress hats, particularly those designed of fur felt, are among the most sumptuous accessories, heightening the elegance of the overall sartorial presentation. In short, these hats have panache.

Understated Hat Elegance

There's a quiet refinement that bespeaks a man who eschews embellishments and flashy details. For him, only beautifully cut and impeccably designed pieces will do. That's why his dress hat is a trilby. Bearing the basic silhouette of a fedora with a crown that is both creased and pinched but with the distinguishing feature of a slightly upturned brim, a trilby hat epitomizes understated elegance.

Hat Tradition with a Twist

A hard, rounded crown coupled with a curled, oval brim defines the bowler hat. While it retains the classic look for which it has been known since its debut as the hat of choice for landed gentry in the 19th century, it's that whimsical shape that provides the twist on most traditional hats. With a suit or even with more casual attire, a bowler hat is an avant-garde take on tradition that flatters every man.

Gentility with Vintage Hat Appeal

When the occasion calls for formal wear, nothing but a top hat will do. Indeed, it's the only hat so inextricably linked to fine attire. Nodding to yesteryear courtliness and gentility, gentlemen wear this hat today in homage to the eminence of the event. While silk is often the fabric of top hats, this one, like all other Christy's Hats of London, is crafted in the luxuriousness of fur felt, providing high quality along with tactile pleasure.

Regardless of which dress hat he selects, a man presents a debonair look while making a decidedly stylish statement as does each Christy's of London Hat.


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