Fishing Hats

Out on the water the sun can be intense which is why we offer a full selection of straw fishing hats. They keep you nice and cool with a style that is authentic and unique. Ideal for the hot weather in the Florida Keys, Grand Cayman, Cuba or any other tropical locale. We also feature a range of Panama hats with a soft weave that's undeniably the best around. Perfect for the yacht or boat they provide shade from the sun and are highly breathable to keep you cool so you can focus on your catch. They also look amazing and are extremely comfortable to wear. Try one and you'll see why they are so famous.

Keep Cooler in Our Straw Fishing Hats

Straw has been used in fishing hats since the dawn of time it seems, and for good reason. It's light which makes they comfortable to wear all day but stiff enough to maintain shape and provide protection from the winds that blow off the water. These hats really shade your face from the sun which can be intense on the water especially in tropical areas. They breath naturally keeping you cooler than ordinary fabric hats. Finally, they are waterproof which is a big deal when you spend so much time on the water searching for, and hopefully catching fish.

The best hat is the one that performs how you want it to and gives you the style you like. Just take some time to browse our selection of fedoras, outback and safari hats for your next outing on the water. Your are sure to find the one that fits your style. To being try this toyo straw fedora or our straw outback hat.

Trying to Find the Best Fly Fishing Hat?

Fly fishing hats are a critical part of the fisherman's wardrobe because they provide the protection you need from wind, sun and rain. Our selection of hats for fly fisherman feature some really choices. When selecting yours consider brim size, it should be large enough to protect from the elements but not too large to snag your flag over and over again!

This mesh outback hat is an excellent choice as are other wide brim options.

Whatever your fish for, wherever you travel come to us to find a more stylish, higher quality fishing hat! You'll love our service and lower prices on the best hat brands.


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