Woolrich Hats

Woolrich Hats

The warmth of winter hats cannot be underestimated nor overstated. After all, they are essential when temperatures plummet and winds begin to howl. However, as any fashion connoisseur knows, there's more to hat selection than mere seasonal comfort. Succinctly put, looks matter.

Leisure-time Style

The luxuriousness of fur, whether natural or faux, cannot be matched for warmth or tactile delight. Used in the lining of a hat, fur takes on a fashion life of its own, skillfully melding those two key elements of desirable winter hats: warmth and style. A case in point is the trapper hat or bomber hat. Known by both names, in addition to a few others, this hat's standout feature is the earflaps. Designed to protect ears on a frosty day, the earflaps may be worn down or, on more temperate days, affixed to the crown of the hat. Likewise, the fleece-lined brim, may be raised or lowered at whim as well.

Although this hat style was initially designed to keep hunters and trappers warm as well as bomber pilots who flew at high, cold altitudes, hence, the names, today bomber hats like the one devised by Woolrich of wool plaid with plush fleece lining make an ideal partnership with jeans and a bomber jacket.

Business Brio

A suit and overcoat require a hat with the seriousness to accompany them and the elan to convey the wearer's sense of style. The wool felt crushable fedoras and outback hats at Woolrich embody both elements. Accenting business apparel while providing unquestionable warmth, these hats are great winter staples for men and women at the office and beyond.

Eclectic Elan

Of course, some hats defy categorization, offering warm comfort along with exuberant personality. Such is the case with Woolrich's waxed cotton safari hat with earflaps. Indeed, it's the unexpectedness of the earflaps that makes the difference. Worn on a rainy winter day, with whatever the wearer chooses to pair with it, this hat provides protection from the elements while eliciting smiles from the wearer.

On cold, wintry days, a collection of wool hats brings warm comfort. The fact that they look fabulous as well, is a bonus.


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