Cool-Weather Style: Wool Hats for Fall and Beyond

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With cold weather comes a dramatic change in your wardrobe. One week you might be wearing short sleeves, and the next you're breaking out your sweater and boots. Mother Nature may be a beast, but handling her indecisive ways is no sweat when you have a reliable and fashionable winter hat to see you through the season. With fall in full swing, it's a great time to get reacquainted with the material that makes even the most brisk days easier to manage: wool.


tipping Hat down

Men's and women's wool hats run the gamut from casual to elegant. Whether you're just hoping to stay warm or you're aiming to add a certain glamorous twist to your look, you can accomplish both simply by perching a stylish hat on your head.

That versatility comes in handy during the cold weather months. It's likely that your schedule will be packed with all sorts of events, from back to school nights on bracingly brisk evenings to downright freezing date nights. The one constant, of course, is a fashionable hat that protects you from the elements, while adding a hint of simple style to your look.


Candid of man in hat

What you wear depends largely on the occasion. If you're just headed out for an errand run, a basic men's wool hat will fit the bill nicely. Keep it effortless, so that even when you pop into the store you won't feel the need to remove your hat.

A handsome woolen newsboy is the type of men's outdoor hat that works in almost every situation. Not only is it an everlasting classic, but it also wears well with any outfit- whether you're wearing jeans and a jacket or a sweater and trousers.

If the wind is really whipping out there, though, a men's winter dress hat can step up when you need it the most. Think outside the box: A sharp men's fedora hat could be the answer to any number of style predicaments when the weather cools down.

The woolly standby looks great whether you're dressed up or down-and when you're dressed up, it really adds something amazing to the equation.

If your goal is to make a bold style statement, a wool hat can help you accomplish this fashionable feat easily. First, look to the hat's silhouette. Men's western hats, for example, may seem most closely associated with ranchers and cowboys.

But you can live anywhere and do anything in one of these effortless and comfortable wool hats. The wide brim will shield your eyes from the sun on those bright mornings, while the material will keep you warm. You can wear this hat with anything from a button-down shirt and jeans to a suit.

Think of all the dapper men out there who routinely work this fashionable hat into any outfit in their wardrobe. You can easily be that guy when the weather cools down.

Among the many fashionable hats for women out there, you'll find dozens of styling options for those who are seeking a fitting wool topper. A women's fedora hat has an unfailingly sexy quality, especially when paired with a long coat and closed-toe pumps or heeled boots. Look for styles in rich colors and with wide brims-they'll brighten up your end-of-year wardrobe and add sophistication to your look.

One other women's dress hat that is certainly worth a glance this fall is the ever-fabulous beret. It offers a little bit of a vintage quality, yet fits beautifully into any modern-day wardrobe. Keep it classy - a wool beret will warm you right up during your chilly morning commute, and because there's a bit of space between the top of the hat and your head, you won't have to worry much about ruining your hairstyle. With some ingenuity, any cozy woolen topper can be the fashionable hat you've always wished you could wear.

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