Adjustable Hats

Urbane Golfer

For the man who enjoys a round of golf whenever the opportunity presents itself, an adjustable hat with a strap, such as Jeanne Simmons plaid ivy cap, not only ensures the hat remains comfortably in place throughout the game, but also provides sun protection. This flat cap with the strap in back has a charisma beyond the golf course as well, making a debonair statement as an accompaniment to a sports coat or even a leather jacket.

Sophisticated Gardener

As avid gardeners know, sun hats with wide brims are essential while working in the garden. Eschewing the yesteryear look of a Tom Sawyer-style straw hat, today's gardeners prefer a sleeker, more sophisticated look like that embodied by a straw cap with a bill. With its wide bill and light-colored straw look, the Capelli paper braid facesaver wide brim hat is a prime example.

Sports Enthusiast

Keeping the sun out of eyes is an important matter when playing outdoor sports. Designed specifically for that purpose, a visor does the job while protecting the face from the sun as well. Yet, for the fashion conscious, not just any visor will do. That's where a style like the toyo straw roll up visor hat by Jeanne Simmons comes in. Whether it's a classic straw-colored selection or a more whimsical choice like fuchsia, a beautifully designed visor like this one presents a polished image every time.

Just a few for whom adjustable hats are the preferred choice, count yourself among them if hats with unmistakably good looks are your preference as well. In that case, these hats with both vintage and contemporary appeal will be perfect additions to your hat collection.


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