Pith Helmet Hats

Pith Helmet Hats

Lightweight and cloth covered, pith helmets have had myriad uses from the beginning. Worn by European military stationed in hot climates, for example, they served as sun protection. Likewise, their cool comfort in sizzling climes made them the hat of choice for explorers in Southeast Asia, Africa and the tropics. In fact, this ability to transcend extreme temperatures may well be the reason the pith helmet has so many monikers, including sun helmet, safari helmet and topee.

Consider which style suits you:

Casual Cool

In crisp cotton, pith helmets with khaki covering, such as the DPC cotton pith helmet, are stylish partners to cargo pants or shorts as well as jeans and other casual wear. An ideal hat for gardening and lawn work, it shields the face from direct sunlight, keeping the head cool as well. Yard work has never been so stylish before! Similarly, coupled with khaki safari apparel or with beach attire, this hat puts the term "casual cool" in a fashionable context.

Cosmopolitan Chic

Walking in the park, touring the zoo, hiking through hills, an urbane take on the pith helmet is in order. A case in point, the DPC twisted toyo pith helmet makes a fashion statement even as you indulge in rugged outdoor activities. Paired with relaxed apparel and, perhaps, sunglasses for extra sun protection or binoculars for sightseeing, this pith helmet with the ventilated fabric is both cosmopolitan and chic.

Whether in cool khaki or chic toyo, a pith helmet is worth including in any summer hat wardrobe. It's the hard hat with style.


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