Joy - Santana Natural Tie Print Toyo Straw Fedora Hat

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Be a step ahead of the fashion curve with this trendy Santana option. The name says it all with this Santana Joy straw fedora. Such a fun hat, the pleasure will go straight to your soul and radiate out your veins. People will be able to tell something is different about you when wearing this hat.

This hat feel much different than a typical straw hat. Even though it's constructed of a 100% toyo straw, there's an invisible plastic support system woven ingeniously throughout the hat, giving it a superior structure and bounce. There's a teardrop crown up top, and the hatband is pleasantly funky with its circular concept. Inside a reflective teal cotton sweatband feels right at home.

The Fashionable Difference

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Technical Specs

  • Front Brim Size 2"
  • Material Toyo Straw
  • Style Fedora
  • Brand Santana
  • Item Weight 0.3 lb

Joy - Santana Natural Tie Print Toyo Straw Fedora Hat